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Plastic Shipping Case, Plastic Shipping Cases

Plastic shipping case is a general term used to describe a wide variety of case made from different types of plastic and made by different process. If someone would contact Philly Case and ask for a plastic shipping case, our customer service representatives would begin asking questions to understand exactly what the customer wants and how they are going to use a plastic shipping case. Here are the types of plastic shipping cases offered by Philly Case:

  • Molded ATA cases
  • Lightweight poly shipping cases (polyethylene)
  • Roto molded shipping cases (rotationally molded with polyurethane plastic)
  • Plastic trade show cases
  • Molded hard plastic tool cases
  • Other specific use plastic cases like gun cases, trade show graphics case, etc.
  • Custom plastic shipping cases

Why Choose Philly Case for Your Plastic Shipping Case?

With 75 years experience making and selling all types of shipping cases, Philly Case is one of the world's leading plastic shipping case manufacturers, distributors and suppliers. Our goal is to provide you with the highest quality plastic shipping case to match your specific use at a competitive price while providing the highest level of customer service. Plastic shipping cases from Philly Case are proven to protect valuable equipment and items during shipment. Philly Case customers include many top Fortune 500 business, the US Military and thousands of small to medium sized business.

Plastic Shipping Case Types

Below is a summary of the three types of plastic shipping cases offered by Philly Case: molded plastic ATA cases, lightweight plastic poly cases, and roto-molded plastic cases.


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Molded Plastic ATA Cases

Philly Case offers a complete line of molded, hard plastic ATA cases that meet or exceed the ATA 300 Category 1 standard. ATA shipping cases are used to safely transport equipment while in transit via air, truck, ship or other means where rough treatment is possible. These ATA style cases are sturdy, reliable, durable, reusable shipping containers for transporting goods.Molded ATA Cases / Plastic ATA Shipping Cases

These molded ATA cases are made of high impact HDPE with 0.200" - 0.300" plastic thickness and are built to withstand a wide range of temperature extremes. HDPE is high density polyethylene, a polyethylene thermoplastic with high strength, durability and temperature resistant properties.

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Lightweight Plastic Poly Cases

A lightweight poly shipping case is a great alternative to an ATA Case when transportation requirements are lower and cost is important. Poly cases are used as portfolio cases, small brief cases, and trunks. Our poly case features:

Lightweight Poly Cases/Plastic Shipping Cases - Poly Portfolio Case, Poly Briefcase, Poly Trunk Case

  • 0.100" or 0.125" high density polyethylene (HDPE)
  • Standard color is black, other colors optional
  • Chrome-plated corners and rivets

Various options include:

  • High grade aluminum angles
  • Foam lining, die cut foam
  • 2", 3" or extra heavy duty 4" wheels.

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Roto-Molded Plastic Shipping Cases / Plastic Trade Show Cases

Philly Case Company offers a variety of different roto-molded cases for transporting many types of equipment, items and goods. Many of these are used for shipping trade show booths and materials, but these roto-molded shipping cases are versatile and capable for many uses. Roto-molded case is the short term for rotationally molded case, made via the plastic rotational molding process using polyurethane plastic material.

Lightweight Poly Cases/Plastic Shipping Cases - Poly Portfolio Case, Poly Briefcase, Poly Trunk Case

Roto-molded shipping cases come in multiple styles and sizes for different functions, including panel cases, graphics cases, podium cases and shipping tubs.

Our roto-molded shipping cases feature:

  • Rotationally molded polyethylene plastic
  • Heavy duty straps and buckles
  • Recessed hardware
  • Molded handles for easy carry

Various options include:

  • Custom lined interiors
  • Edge caster wheels
  • Custom colors and logos (for multiple case orders only)

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Plastic Shipping Cases for Specific Uses

Philly Case Company offers more plastic cases for specific uses, such as:


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Philly Case is a leading plastic shipping case manufacturer and distributor. To purchase a plastic shipping case, you can: