Buying Cases Using GSA from Philly Case, a GSA Contract Holder for Shipping Cases

Philly Case GSA Contract # GS-02F-040AA

Philly Case is an approved GSA contract holder for shipping cases, so that government buyers can purchase shipping cases from Philly Case through GSA (US General Services Administration) accounts. Philly Case is listed in GSA as Tre-Ray Cases, Inc. DBA: Philly Case Co. Philly Case manufactures many shipping cases itself and is a distributor for many other case manufacturers like SKB Cases. And Philly Case has a long history of providing cases to government organizations at all levels – federal, state, local and military.

Philly Case offers a variety of shipping cases under GSA Schedule 81 I B (Shipping, Packaging, Packing Supplies), with SIN Number (Category) 617 2 that includes shipping cases. Philly Case current contract period runs from November 6, 2012 to November 5, 2017.

Philly Cases

Who Can Buy Cases from Philly Case Using GSA?

Any GSA purchasing account holder can buy cases from Philly Case. This includes buyers from the US Federal Government, US Military, state and local agencies, along with some government prime contractors.

How to Buy Cases from Philly Case Using GSA?

There are many ways to purchase shipping cases from Philly Case via GSA:

1. Buy Online using GSA Advantage!®
Philly Cases

GSA buyers can purchase online the standard cases that are listed online using the
GSA Advantage! website <<< click to access the GSA Advantage login page or
click the GSA Advantage! logo below.

Once logged in, GSA buyers can view and buy the cases that Philly Case has listed in its GSA schedule using this direct link.

GSA buyers can also use this direct link to view Philly Case GSA contractor information.

2. Buy Direct from Philly Case with your GSA Number

Philly Case does not yet have all of the many hundreds of cases it offers in its GSA schedule. If a standard case offered by Philly Case is not shown on the GSA schedule, GSA buyers can contact Philly Case directly, provide their GSA number and order directly from Philly Case with similar discounts as offered on the GSA schedule. Please call Philly Case at 215-551-6811 or toll free at 800-505-8179 for more information or to request a quote.

3. GSA eBuy

GSA buyers can also use eBuy, and electronic Request for Quote (RFQ) / Request for Proposal (RFP) system that allows GSA buyers to find sources, request information, request quotes, request proposals, and buy online. To begin, login to eBuy with your GSA Advantage! user ID and password.

For standard-sized stock shipping cases that are offered by multiple suppliers, particularly for larger quantities, a Request for Quote can be posted. Philly Case will be notified if the request is for standard cases it offers and can provide a quote. Philly Case offers its own unique brand of cases that no other supplier offers, and is a leading distributor for SKB Cases and many other case brands.

For custom shipping cases, a Request for Proposal can be posted with customized requirements and specifications. This is particularly appropriate for custom wooden ATA cases designed for shipping specific products. Philly Case specializes in these custom cases and has provided many custom ATA cases to government entities. Please call Philly Case at 215-551-6811 or toll free at 800-505-8179 for more information or to request a quote.

GSA eBuy requires a login and password to use the system. eBuy uses the same user id/password as GSA Advantage. If you have never registered on eBuy or GSA Advantage, select “Register for a User ID and password”.

GSA Registration

If you are federal, state or local government buyer but do not have GSA account, use this online GSA Member Registration form to establish a GSA account.

For more information about GSA Advantage!®, click here. For more information about GSA eBuy, click here.