About Philly Case

Custom Case Manufacturer

Philly Case Company is a leading case manufacturer, building shipping cases for over 75 years in South Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Our Service Dedication

Philly Case Company, fueled by creativity, energy, and enthusiasm, actively embodies the essence of a custom shipping case manufacturer. As a global leader in the industry, we infuse our vast knowledge and experience into every case we build.

Throughout our journey of growth and advancement, our unwavering dedication lies in impressing customers with our integrity and unparalleled quality of service.

We provide consistent opportunities for our employees and business partners to thrive personally and collectively. Furthermore, we prioritize the safety of our customers, employees, and community in all aspects of our case manufacturing operations.

Our Company Mission

Philly Case Company’s mission is to manufacture superior shipping cases of all types while delivering exceptional customer service.

Our Company Vision

Philly Case Company aims to excel in the industry through exceptional customer service and fostering mutually beneficial relationships with customers, suppliers, employees, and business associates.

Our Company Beliefs

  • Outstanding customer service in everything we do!
  • A dedication to teamwork, and partnerships with our customers, suppliers, employees, and business associates.
  • Respect for individual, family, and community.
Building a Custom Made Shipping Case – Philly Case’s Process

Philly Case’s technical designers actively assist you in exploring a wide range of materials and options to create the perfect case for protecting and transporting your items. Once you confirm your order, our on-site case manufacturing facility takes the lead in building your personalized shipping case. We meticulously manufacture each custom case to meet precise specifications.

Our team of skilled craftsmen construct your custom shipping case using premium materials and incorporate the specified options and hardware. These options include dividers, drawers, and shelves, which can be complemented by cushioning foam or carpet lining to minimize shock and vibration. Additionally, we carefully consider hardware elements such as handles, ball corners, and heavy-duty wheels to enhance functionality.