Case Uses

Discover custom ATA cases and roto-molded cases and their uses

Discover how our custom ATA cases and roto-molded cases can provide the ultimate protection for your valuable equipment. Below is a list of the most common uses for an ATA Case.  Trust Philly Case to deliver the perfect solution that goes above and beyond your expectations.

Here’s a list of uses for a custom-built ATA case.


Musicians use custom-built ATA cases to protect their instruments and equipment while traveling to gigs or touring.

Audiovisual professionals

Audiovisual professionals rely on custom-built ATA cases to transport sensitive audio and visual equipment to events and productions securely. They also utilize custom-built ATA cases to protect cameras, lenses, and other valuable gear during shoots in remote or challenging locations.


Photographers use custom-built ATA cases to safeguard their cameras, lenses, and other delicate gear during on-location shoots or while traveling.

Tradeshow exhibitors

Tradeshow exhibitors depend on custom-built ATA cases to transport and protect their displays, samples, and promotional materials to various trade shows and events. Find out more about our Molded Tradeshow cases here.

Touring professionals

Touring professionals, such as stage managers and production crews, use custom-built ATA cases to transport lighting fixtures, cables, and other stage equipment safely.

Military and defense

Military and defense personnel employ custom-built ATA cases to transport sensitive equipment, communication devices, and weapons securely.

Medical professionals

Medical professionals use custom-built ATA cases to transport delicate medical equipment, instruments, and supplies between facilities or during emergency situations.

IT professionals

IT professionals rely on custom-built ATA cases to transport servers, networking equipment, and computer systems during installations or relocations.

Sports teams and athletes

Sports teams and athletes use custom-built ATA cases to protect sports equipment, uniforms, and accessories while traveling to competitions or events.

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TV & Monitor Cases

Philly Case specializes in constructing durable and waterproof TV cases for safely transporting flat-screen TVs, LED flat panel televisions, flat screen monitors, and LCD displays. Our sturdy and reliable shipping cases are essential for securely transporting fragile flat screens to trade shows, conferences, or any destination. Whether it’s for a single screen or two screens, we can build a custom flat screen TV shipping case tailored to your specifications. Alternatively, we offer standard or stock cases that may meet your needs. These versatile cases are also referred to as TV travel cases, TV flight cases, TV transport cases, or TV road cases. Regardless of the name, Philly Case has a wide selection of high-quality TV shipping cases suitable for various applications. Trust us to provide the perfect solution for your TV transportation requirements.

Plastic Tool Cases

Originally constructed out of fibre, our custom plastic tool cases are now made from strong and durable lightweight high-density polyethylene. Shell thicknesses can be .090” or .125” and our standard color is black. For larger volumes, we can offer a wide variety of colors. The construction of these cases assures you of high reliability during commercial transit and they are light enough to take to the job site. Each case comes with rounded steel corners for extra protection as well as steel-reinforced frames. The hardware includes steel latches, hinges if desired, and a carrying handle. Each case can be built to a custom size and additional options include wheels, foam-lined interiors, and dividers to organize your tools.

Uses for Molded Plastic Tool Cases

  • Customers are using the lightweight plastic tool cases and military ready tool cases offered by Philly as:
  • Contractor’s tool cases
  • Electronics tool cases
  • Mechanic’s tool cases
  • Jumbo or extra-large tool cases
  • Tool briefcases
  • Tool carrying cases
  • Wheeled tool cases

With the tough plastic exterior, these tool cases protect your tools during transport while providing a professional appearance. Different case sizes and different tool pallets allow for a small number of tools to be transported. The various options for the bottom compartment allow for foam cushioning for large tools, test equipment or fragile instruments, or extra room for more tools.