Custom shipping cases and foam fabrication engineered and built for the most demanding industries.

FREE shipping on stock cases ($1000 min) within the Continental US.

Protect Your Product. Protect Your Profit.

Ensure the protection of your product and safeguard your profit. If your product aligns with our exclusive stock cases or those provided by the top case manufacturers we offer, Philly Case will collaborate with you to personalize the interior using foam designed exclusively for your product.

If your product requires a tailor-made ATA shipping case crafted from scratch, our sales engineers will assist you in a thorough selection process for materials and hardware options to construct the ideal case that ensures the protection of your items.

Custom ata trunk in red with lid open

Custom ATA Case

Custom flight / road cases built to endure the toughest elements.

custom foam insert for pelican case

Custom Foam Inserts

Expansive catalog of the leading molded cases in the industry.

trade show tv shipping cases in three sizes

Trade Show Cases

Shipping cases built and designed for the trade show exhibitor.

lightweight poly banner cases

Lightweight Poly Cases

Customizable lightweight and durable cases made out of HDPE plastic.

Engineered & Manufactured In-House

Our custom cases are made by our team at our 26,000 sq. ft. facility. We use state of the art equipment and machinery and source the highest quality materials to ensure that our shipping cases stand up to anything you will see in the industry.

people working on ATA shipping cases

Specialists in Custom ATA Cases

We excel in the production of flight / road cases (ATA standard). Our factory, located just outside of Philadelphia, PA, is dedicated to manufacturing custom ATA cases tailored to your specific requirements. Additionally, we provide a comprehensive range of molded cases available in various sizes. Moreover, our expertise extends to designing and constructing lightweight HDPE plastic cases according to your unique specifications.

Protect Your Product!

Philly Case offers the construction of a custom shipping case tailored to transport any item you require. We utilize top-notch materials, including furniture grade wood, steel ball corners, robust handles, and customized foam interiors. Our shipping cases cater to various items such as electronic equipment, medical equipment, sports equipment, trade show materials, and fulfill all customer requests. Rest assured, our shipping cases comply with the rigorous ATA 300, Category 1 specification standards and have a proven track record of safeguarding valuable items during shipment.

Protect Your Profit!

Save time and money by purchasing directly from Philly Case, cutting out the middleman. Experience enhanced accuracy by collaborating with Philly Case to design a case tailored precisely to your specific requirements. Our personalized approach guarantees the ideal protection for your product, and unlike many competitors, Philly Case provides a lifetime warranty for each shipping case we construct!