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Philly Case is one of the few companies that offers a complete product line for your shipping needs, including Wooden ATA Shipping Cases, Molded ATA Shipping Cases, Trade Show Cases, Plastic Shipping Cases, Lightweight Poly Cases, and Custom Manufactured Shipping Cases.

Our family has been making top quality shipping cases since 1925.

Philly Case's Specialty: ATA Cases

Philly Case specializes in ATA Cases. We manufacture custom, built-to-order wooden ATA cases in our factory in Philadelphia, PA. We also offer a full line of molded ATA cases in a variety of sizes.

Protect Your Product!

For any item you need to transport, Philly Case can build a custom shipping case around it. We use the highest quality materials, including furniture grade wood, steel ball corners, sturdy handles, and custom foam interiors for shipping items such as electronic equipment, medical equipment, sports equipment, trade show materials, and any other customer requests. Our shipping cases align with ATA 300, Category 1 specification standards and are proven to protect valuable items during shipment.

Protect Your Profit!

Buy directly from Philly Case — Save time and money by eliminating the middle man. Ensure accuracy by working with Philly Case to design a case to your specific needs. The customized attention to your product will ensure you have the right protection, and unlike most competitors, Philly Case offers a lifetime warranty for every shipping case we build!