ATA Case Styles

At Philly Case, we offer a wide range of high-quality ATA cases designed to meet the demands of various industries and applications. Our cases are built to provide superior protection and durability for your valuable equipment. Explore our diverse styles of ATA cases below:

Ramp Cases

Our ramp cases are specifically designed to easily load and unload heavy equipment. With built-in ramps, these cases offer convenient access and efficient transportation, making them ideal for equipment such as medical equipment, Heavy Equipment with wheels, and other items that are to heavy to lift by hand.

an empty floating rack that side rails and poly wheels
Rack Cases

Rack cases are perfect for housing and transporting sensitive equipment like servers, audio equipment, and networking gear. These cases feature secure mounting options, shock absorption systems, and customizable interiors, with maximum protection and organization.

custom ata workstation that shows a removable table and drawers
Workbox Cases

Workbox cases are versatile storage solutions for professionals who require quick access to their equipment. These cases come with customizable compartments and dividers, allowing you to create a storage system for tools, electronics, and accessories.

a drab green ata doghouse open to show custom foam and compartments
Mixer Cases

Designed for audio engineers and musicians, our mixer cases provide a safe and reliable solution for transporting mixers, controllers, and other audio equipment. These cases offer custom foam or padded interiors to keep your gear secure and protected from damage during transit.

Trunk Cases

Trunk cases are large, heavy-duty containers designed for storing and transporting bulkier equipment or multiple items. They are commonly used in the entertainment industry for stage lighting, audio systems, and production equipment.

Vertical Cases

Vertical cases are designed to protect equipment such as sports equipment, wardrobes, Musical instruments and other items. These cases provide secure storage and easy access to vertically oriented gear.

Tray Cases

Tray cases offer a convenient solution for organizing and transporting Items that may be too heavy to lift out of a trunk, it can also be used as a “live-in” option, where your item never leaves the tray.

We pride ourselves on delivering ATA cases that meet the highest standards of quality and performance. Whether you’re a musician, audiovisual professional, photographer, or any other industry expert, we have the perfect case to suit your specific needs.

Browse our extensive Gallery of ATA cases today and provide the ultimate protection for your valuable equipment. Should you have any questions or need assistance, our knowledgeable team is always here to help. Contact us now and experience the reliability and durability of our ATA cases firsthand!