Flat-Screen TV Monitor Shipping Cases

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Browse below the many types of flat-screen TV monitor shipping cases offered by Philly Case! You can also have a shipping case custom-designed by our team of experts to ensure the safe repeat transportation of your TV monitors.

Waterproof TV Monitor Shipping Cases for Flat-Screen TVs

Durable, tough shipping cases are needed to safely transport flat screen TVs, LED flat panel televisions, flat screen monitors, LCD displays and plasma screens. Philly Case specializes in building sturdy, reliable, durable and waterproof TV cases that can be used to safely transport fragile flat screens, no matter how many times they are shipped to trade shows, conferences or anywhere. A custom flat screen TV shipping case can be built to your specifications, or a standard or stock case may fit your needs. Flat screen TV shipping cases can be built for one screen or two screens. These cases are also called TV travel cases, TV flight cases, TV transport cases, and TV road cases. By any name, Philly Case has a great TV shipping case for most uses.

Philly Case’s New Roto Molded Plastic Flat Screen TV Shipping Cases

Designed and manufactured based on many years of experience in building cases to protect valuable flat screen TVs in shipping, Philly Case now offers a new line of rugged roto molded flat screen shipping cases for one or two TVs. Features include:

  • Fit most flat-screen TVs/monitors from 32″ to 75″
  • Available in single or double screen versions
  • Self-adjustable case interior (adjust length and height) for different size monitors; no need for multiple cases
  • Available in gray or custom colors
  • Designed to be stackable with forklift entry
  • Padlock capable (both sides)
  • Water-resistant
  • 45% lighter and more durable than wood
  • Recessed wheels with heavy-duty bumpers and forklift entry points to avoid the most common cause of damage – forklift stabbing wheels
  • Lighter and easier to move and navigate
  • Lower freight cost due to lighter weight

Compare the Philly Case Roto Molded Flat Screen TV Shipping Cases

To provide customers with a new and better alternative to traditional cases for protecting expensive flat-screen TVs in transit, Philly Case designed and built a new and innovative roto-molded case that provides many features and benefits that outshine traditional cases. Compare the differences and see the superiority of the Philly Case’s Roto Molded Flat Screen TV Shipping Cases.

Traditional ATA Monitor Cases Philly Case Molded Monitor Cases
Custom case made to fit one size flat screen. With multiple screen sizes, you’d have to purchase individual cases for each unit. Self-adjustable to fit different sized screens within the range. Ship a 55″ TV today and reuse the case at a later date for a 60″ TV by simply moving the adjustable insert into a different slot in the case.
Forklifts often break the case wheels – the most common shipping case repair is wheels that have been knocked off or damaged by a forklift. Case wheels are protected from forklift damage by thick heavy-duty bumpers on the bottom of the case and recessed wheels within the bumper. Bumpers also act as a visual aid for accurate forklift entry.
Heavy and difficult to move around. Roto-molded plastic material is as durable, but lighter, allowing for easier moving and lower shipping costs.
Built by hand and not usually in stock, so there’s a longer lead time to receive. Often in-stock. If not, roto-molding production is quicker than manual labor, with a lead time of approximately 1 week.
Typically higher in price due to time for custom design and manufacturing. Better pricing because customization can be done by the end-user, reducing design and production costs.

Why Choose Philly Case for Your Flat Screen TV Shipping Cases?

Protect your valuable flat-screen TV / LED / LCD display/plasma screen with a custom-built or standard-sized monitor shipping case by Philly Case Company. Philly Case has been a leader and innovator in meeting the need for packing and transporting large fragile screens since these large displays began to be popular. With over 75 years of manufacturing shipping cases of all types, Philly Case Company can handle building high-quality flat screen shipping cases while providing the highest level of service. We also produce waterproof TV cases. And if you buy a custom flat-screen TV shipping case from Philly Case, you are buying directly from the manufacturer, so you get the cost-benefit of buying direct.

A Note on Terminology for Flat Screens

There are many different types of flat screens and a variety of names for them, including LED flat screen, LED TV, LCD display, LCD monitor, flat-screen, flat-screen TV, flat-screen monitor, flat panel display screen, plasma screen, plasma television, plasma monitor, etc. By any name, the product is a large flat screen that is big, heavy and fragile. In the shipping case industry, this style of case is also referred to as an ATA case – it meets or exceeds the ATA (Airline Transport Association) 300 Category 1 standard for shipping cases. It may also be referred to as a shock-mount case or a shock-mounted case. Other terms include TV travel case, TV flight case, TV transport case, and TV road case. Whatever you call it, Philly Case can make a great shipping case for it.

Flat Screen TV Shipping Cases

Whether you choose one of the standard-sized monitor shipping cases for the most common screen sizes or a custom-built flat screen case, your case will be well-designed and well-built from quality materials by skilled craftsmen, and with many available options.

Our skilled designers will create a shock-absorbing exterior shell and line the inside of the plasma case with foam and other protection specifically for the size and shape of your flat screen. Your case will be made to your specification from the best materials with a variety of options.


  • ¼”, ½” or ¾ furniture grade plywood
  • ABS laminated to plywood
  • Recessed steel hardware
  • Aluminum tongue-in-groove
  • Heavy-duty steel ball corners


  • Drawers
  • Dividers
  • Compartment
  • Shelves
  • Tilt-and-pull telescoping handles
  • Stacking features
  • Various foam and carpet linings

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