How Do Sports Equipment Cases Protect Your Equipment?

Sports Equipment Cases

As the complexity of competitive sports has evolved over the years, sports equipment cases have also had to keep up with technological advancement. Protecting your equipment in a well-designed sports equipment case helps you stay at the top of your game so you can focus on training for your next event.

Transporting all of a team’s gear from home competitions to across the city or even across the country can be a stressful endeavor, especially when equipment is damaged en route and you must replace it. When a players’ ability to compete at their highest standard is compromised, it’s time to consider upgrading to a custom Philly Case sports equipment case. Custom sports equipment cases engineered and manufactured by Philly Case are dependable. When you pack your gear and accessories, we guarantee everything will be in the same condition the next time you open your case.

Protective Qualities Found in Philly Case Sports Equipment Cases

Custom Philly Case sports equipment cases are designed and crafted specifically to your athletic, storage, and shipping needs. All Philly Cases are manufactured in the USA, using only the highest quality materials are guaranteed to provide maximum exterior and interior protection for any sporting equipment and accessories. Whether you’re packing your gear or need a caravan of cases when traveling to a tournament, choosing the correct type of sports equipment cases is essential for getting the best protective qualities you need.

  • ATA Sports Equipment Case: When your athletic event requires you to transport delicate or fragile accessories over several loading and unloading transitions, it’s best to secure the contents in an ATA-certified sports equipment case. Also known as “road cases,” these types of cases follow ATA-300 shipping standard guidelines to stand up to rigorous physical treatment and extreme weather conditions. These cases are made with ¼”, ½” or ¾” furniture grade plywood and ABS laminated with aluminum frames for that professional look and durable exterior. Philly Case can customize the interiors for any specific sporting goods needs.
  • Roto-molded Sports Equipment Case: Highly customizable to fit any shaped sporting accessory or equipment, Philly Case designs roto-molded cases for teams or individuals, like a competitive shooter that needs to secure and travel safely with their rifle. These cases can have latches and locks on the exterior and custom foam inserts precisely cut to outline the contents for which it was designed. Also, ATA-certified, rotationally molded polyethylene plastic can be ordered and shipped on the same day for the last-minute piece of equipment you didn’t know you needed to bring.
  • Lightweight Poly Sports Equipment Case: These types of cases are becoming very popular with their solid protection and more affordable price tag. Manufactured with high-grade 0.100” or 0.125” high-density polyethylene, they are accented and protected with high-grade aluminum angles and chrome-plated corners and rivets. Philly Case can further customize the interiors of these lightweight poly sports equipment cases for shock absorption with laser-cut foam inserts.

Benefits of Sports Equipment Cases

While your team’s professional and unified appearance is worthy of admiration with a Philly Case sports equipment case, the most significant benefit is, of course, the protection it provides. Customizing a Philly Case sports equipment case for your athletic events will offer the ultimate protection of the contents you’re storing and transporting. With hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of equipment in these cases, you want to ensure safe transport to many destinations. Heavy-duty caster wheels and retractable or recessed handles make it easy for fewer people to move each case, and steel ball corners are ideal for impact protection. Realistically, the people moving, loading, and unloading these cases cannot always safeguard the sports equipment. With heavy-duty exteriors and shock absorbing interiors, cases can also be protected under lock and key—literally!

Once sports equipment cases are designed for the specific items they are intended for, it’s also essential to think about storage, loading, and unloading needs. Options like a roll-in ramp, built-in shelves or drawers, and pull-out tables make your case useable for storage before, during, and after the season.

Common Case Types for Sports Equipment

A customized sports equipment case investment will prove helpful year after year, not just safe transporting but also keeping your accessories organized and storing them properly during the off-season. High school athletes, college teams, and professionals can concentrate on their game when they know their equipment is safeguarded with a Philly Case. Common types of sports equipment cases are:

  • Uniform gear and accessories
  • Safety equipment
  • First aid kits or emergency medical stations
  • Videotaping equipment station
  • Audio or communications equipment case
  • Game components case

Tips for Protecting Sports Equipment in Storage

Between games and seasons, it’s essential to store your sports equipment properly. Clean any residue and dry all materials before storage to avoid decomposition or mold damage. Pack each item as though the contents were going to be shipped with foam and no loose components. Start your next athletic season off right with a custom sports equipment case designed for your needs and engineered for durability and protection. Contact Philly Case at 1.800.505.8179 or begin with the online web form to protect your team’s investment today! If you need to stack multiple cases on top of one another, be sure to discuss your options with your Philly Case design expert so they can create your sports equipment cases to suit your individual needs.