How to Ship TV Screens to a Trade Show

We see a red and grey flat-screen tv monitor shipping case against a white backdrop.

Your latest products, merchandise, and booth materials are packed and ready to go. But your flat-screen monitor needs an upgraded, safe and secure shipping case to get it to the trade show undamaged.

That cardboard case, styrofoam, and bubble wrap that it came in may have been acceptable for its first trip, but repeated use and storage is not what it was intended for. Compromising your TV’s integrity during transit and storage could not only damage your investment, but may leave you with a costly and embarrassing void on your booth backdrop at the trade show.

The most safe and durable method of transporting TV screens to a trade show is in an ATA flight case designed specifically for the dimensions of the screen. The case should also be equipped with appropriate features to secure its closure (ideally waterproof and lockable), protect its contents when loading or unloading, and should be designed for upright storage at all times.

Design a Case to Ship Your Flat-Screen TVs

What Do You Need to Transport Flat-Screen TVs?

When you’ve invested time, energy and money in your flat screen TVs, it’s essential to also invest in the properly sized flat screen monitor shipping case.

Are you shipping 1 or 2 screens? If designed appropriately, a flat screen monitor case can hold 2 screens parallel with foam inserts between them. When choosing your case, it may help to know that flat screens can be referred to by different terminology depending on who you talk to, such as an LED flat screen, flat screen monitor, plasma monitor, LED TV, LCD display, and LCD monitor, among others.

All of these types of screens need to be properly protected when shipping with:

  • ATA TV shipping case (also called TV flight case, TV transport case, TV road case or TV travel case.)
  • Proper external features
  • Internal shock resistance
  • Waterproof closures
  • Shipping insurance

How to Pack a Flat-Screen TV for Shipping

A Philly Case shipping case designed for the dimensions of your TV takes the guesswork out of packaging needs that keep the screen from moving inside the case. The exterior of the case protects and secures your flat screen when moving while the interior features soften any damage the exterior might take before it reaches the contents. A snug fit creates the best shock resistance and prevents damage to the screen when the unexpected happens to the case. The best shock resistance methods are:

  • Self-adjusting interiors
  • Foam inserts and dividers
  • Compartments for cords, remotes, etc
  • Carpet lining

How to Move a Flat-Screen TV

When moving a flat screen TV, be sure you have some help. The weight of flat screens has dropped over the years, but a second set of hands will ensure this TV won’t drop when you’re trying to get the TV into its case or move it onto the truck.

  1. Clean the screen
  2. Remove cords, batteries from the remote, and stands
  3. Wrap in shock resistant material
  4. Pack all cords, remotes and any instructions in a bag
  5. Secure TV and cords in a case that can withstand the travel environment
  6. Secure the case when in transit
  7. Keep it upright at all times!

We highly recommend working with professional TV case designers instead of taking your chances and sacrificing your investment to the whims of freight transit.

The expert design team at Philly Case are excited to offer the latest design engineering for your case. A waterproof TV case designed by the Philly Case Team is stackable, made with hard, durable plastic, recessed heavy duty wheels, forklift bumpers, handles, and padlocks.

How Much Does It Cost to Ship a TV?

You’ve already invested so much in your flat screen TV display, and the protection for your investment shouldn’t cost a fortune to ship. Philly Case Roto Molded shipping cases are ATA-certified and weigh much less so they cost a fraction of traditional ATA monitor cases to ship. The hard plastic is just as durable as the black, laminated, plywood road cases with the added benefit of having self-adjusting interior capabilities for different TV sizes.

The Roto Molded TV Cases are designed to be stackable and easy to design and quick to produce. The forklift bumpers protect the recessed wheels preventing them from being repeatedly broken off saving you the cost of constant repairs.

Don’t forget that each case comes with a lifetime warranty so you have the peace of mind knowing that your 100% American-built Philly Case shipping case is protecting your TV from trade show to trade show.

Safely Ship Your Flat-Screen TVs with Philly Case!

Philly Case’s large selection of standard TV shipping cases has been designed, engineered, and perfected to protect the flat screen displays you’ve invested in. When one of our standard sizes just aren’t quite right for your screen(s) or shipping needs, the experts on our Philly Case design team are excited to work with you. They can offer case design recommendations that will get your TVs to each and every trade show safely and securely!

Use the web form to start designing your personalized case, call us at 1.800.505.8179, or email us at!

Design Your Flat-Screen Monitor Shipping Case