What Type of Audio Visual Case to Get?

In today’s world, every event, show, concert, performance, and presentation takes advantage of audio visual technology and equipment. From the corporate demonstration to the music concert of the year, each requires you to transport thousands of dollars worth of audio visual equipment across the nation and even internationally. Entrusting the safety of your investments with a Philly Case Audio Visual Case will give you one less thing you need to worry about when preparing for your next destination.

ATA Flight Cases, also known as a Road Case, offer the most protective shipping container as rated by the Air Transportation Association and can be designed to fit your specific items and shipping needs. Built with the highest quality interior and exterior materials, custom audio visual flight cases are the obvious favorite for shipping anything from lighting equipment, DJ sound mixers and microphones, speakers, amplifiers (amps), musical instruments, projectors, flat-screen TVs, and much more.

What Kind of Audio Visual Cases are There?

When searching for the best custom audio visual case to fit your equipment and shipping requirements, you will find those made from plywood, lightweight poly, or roto-molded plastic, each with different advantages.

  • ATA Audio Visual Flight Cases are made with 1/4”, 3/8” or 1/2” furniture-grade plywood and laminated in ABS. Recessed steel hardware, tongue in grove aluminum, and heavy-duty steel ball corners protect the contents of your audio visual flight case from damage during transport. Drawer dividers, rack mounts, keyboard shelves, tilt-and-pull handles, and foam inserts make organization easy as part of your equipment’s protection.
  • Lightweight Poly Audio Visual Flight Cases are a cost-effective alternative to the typical road case. For maximum transport protection, these audio visual cases are made from 0.1 or 0.125-inch high-density polyethylene with high-grade aluminum angles lined with carpet and foam inserts. These are great for stacking and feature custom colors, drawers, dividers, straps, and tilt and pull handles.
  • Roto-Molded Audio Visual Flight Cases can be ordered and shipped the same day so you can transport your equipment securely with rotationally molded polyethylene plastic, heavy-duty straps, and a lined case with custom foam liners. These cases are easy to ship and transport, featuring recessed hardware, molded handles, custom colors, and heavy-duty edge caster wheels.

Functions of Audio Visual Flight Cases

The primary functions of an audio visual flight case are to secure and provide shock resistance and weatherproofing protection to its interior contents. While initially the term “ATA flight case” referred only to those containers that can withstand air travel, these cases are now typically used for shipping delicate, fragile, and expensive items on repeated shipping trips.

Types of Audio Visual Case Certifications

When an audio visual case is used to transport delicate, fragile, or expensive audio visual equipment and devices, you need to make sure the contents of your case will arrive at its destination in the same condition it departed in. Damaged audio visual gear can cost thousands to repair and replace, and shipping them in the appropriate case is vital.

An audio visual flight case, also known as a road case, is the only acceptable solution for shipping your equipment. These cases are certified by the ATA (Air Transportation Association). They are specifically designed and developed to guidelines intended to withstand the brutalities of transport and made to resist loading, unloading, impact force, extreme weather, and extreme temperatures, all while protecting their contents from damage. The experts at PhillyCase have spent decades engineering the exteriors and interiors of their audio visual flight case design and back their 100% American-built cases with a lifetime warranty.

Other Types of Road Cases

While working with the design team at Philly Case to create your ATA-certified audio visual case, you will soon realize there are hundreds of other options for which you can use a road case.

Road Cases are a favorite among any traveler looking to protect their hardware and equipment. They are ideal cases for roadshows, workstations, kiosk displays, small appliances, drone/ GPS/ satellite equipment, firearms, archery gear, sports equipment, TVs, monitors, projectors, and computer or gaming hardware. Road cases not only offer shipping solutions but are an excellent option for the storage and organization of all your belongings. Contact the friendly experts at Philly Case at 1.800.505.8179 or online to start designing your audio visual flight case today!