What’s The Value Of Partnering With a Custom Case Provider

Custom cases are an insurance policy. Each case is built to protect and defend the customers’ most valuable items in shipment to their point of use. An item arriving at its point of use, broken or non-functional, can be extremely costly and often times unmeasurable in terms of lost sales or other inconveniences. Custom cases go beyond basic shipping packaging as they are reusable and more durable than most disposable packaging supplies. Custom cases come in different variations with different levels of performance and price. The most common form of custom shipping case are ATA cases (otherwise known as flight cases or road cases). ATA cases were made famous by the music and sports industries but are used in nearly every industry in the United States.

The ATA case business is a service-based industry. The main responsibility of the case manufacturer is to ensure the case is designed to fit the products comfortably and provides a user-friendly experience for the insert and removal of the items going into the case. Your ATA case supplier should also have a seamless design process that allows you to describe or share your needs for each product that needs to be transported. The ATA case design is just a part of getting the customers’ product to its point of use safely and on time. The design needs to be combined with state-of-the-art construction and on-time delivery.

The logistics of getting your product from A to B can be a time-consuming task. Your case provider should be your partner in making this as quick and painless as possible. First-class fulfillment and customer service will allow you to focus on your company’s main strategies and goals without worrying about the safety of your items upon arrival. For example, a company that needs 250 sales kits distributed nationwide may be focused more on what is going in the kit than how the kit is constructed or packaged. Having reliable case manufacture allows you the comfort of knowing that the kit’s design will be carefully thought out so that it will be efficiently packed and protected without you having to lift a finger.

Your case supplier should be able to handle any job and match or exceed your expectations. Cases are often not the first thing on a business manager’s mind and with the right partner, it will stay that way.