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The SKB line of Rolling Roto 20" Deep Shock Rack Cases feature a 20 inch deep roto molded tough shell with black powder coated twist latches with locking loops and low profile injection molded pull handle. The molded design provides extra stiffness in the lids and sides and allows for secure stacking. Rack depth front to rear rail is 20 inches and each lid is 2-1/4 inches deep. Doors are fully usable even when racks are stacked together. Elastomeric shocks protect even the heaviest of loads. Sliding retractable handle, ambient pressure relief valve, oversized snap-down handles on each side, roller blade wheels, and gasket protected front and rear doors are all standard equipment.
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SKB Rolling Roto 20 Inch 4U Shockmount Rack Cases Model 3SKB-R04U20W
Model: 3SKB-R04U20W
19.00″ × 20.00″ × 7.00″
Price: $724.99
SKB Rolling Roto 20 Inch 6U Shockmount Rack Cases Model 3SKB-R06U20W
Model: 3SKB-R06U20W
19.00″ × 20.00″ × 10.50″
Price: $749.99
SKB Rolling Roto 20 Inch 8U Shockmount Rack Cases Model 3SKB-R08U20W
Model: 3SKB-R08U20W
19.00″ × 20.00″ × 14.00″
Price: $789.99
SKB Rolling Roto 20 Inch 10U Shockmount Rack Cases Model 3SKB-R10U20W
Model: 3SKB-R10U20W
19.00″ × 20.00″ × 17.75″
Price: $829.99
SKB Rolling Roto 20 Inch 12U Shockmount Rack Cases Model 3SKB-R12U20W
Model: 3SKB-R12U20W
19.00″ × 20.00″ × 21.00″
Price: $869.99
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