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SKB 4U Roto Rolling RackThe SKB line of 19" stackable rolling rack cases are durable, convenient and easy to handle. Made of ultra high molecular weight polyethylene, they are less than half the weight of wood racks and provide maximum protection.

These SKB 19 inch Roto Rolling Racks incorporate an innovative new design that includes a one-touch pull handle and back lid mounted wheels for easy transport. They easily stack with existing SKB standard and shallow racks. Four military grade butterfly latches secure each lid with an internal rubber gasket that keeps water out so sensitive electronics stay safe and secure in transport.

A standard rack space is 1.75 inches (4.445 cm) in height and 19 inches (48.26 cm) in width. Rack spaces are commonly called U or RU as in 12U rack or 14RU mixer.


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SKB 4U Roto Rolling Rack
Model: 1SKB-R4UW
23.00″ × 19.00″ × 7.00″
Price: $164.99
SKB 6U Roto Rolling Rack
Model: 1SKB-R6UW
23.00″ × 19.00″ × 10.50″
Price: $199.99
SKB 8U Roto Rolling Rack
Model: 1SKB-R8UW
23.00″ × 19.00″ × 14.00″
Price: $219.99
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