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ATA Shipping Cases — Wooden or Molded

ATA Shipping Cases

Philly Case offers both wooden ATA shipping cases and molded ATA shipping cases. Wooden ATA shipping cases can be custom made to specification or are offered in popular standard sizes that can be purchased online. Molded ATA shipping cases are hard plastic ATA cases that are also great for transporting goods. Both are available in a variety of styles, sizes and with features/options such as telescoping handles, wheels and foam-filled interiors to match your shipping needs. An ATA trunk is another name for an ATA case.

What Kind of ATA Shipping Case Do I Need?

These ATA shipping cases are available from Philly Case:

All ATA shipping cases from Philly Case meet or exceed the ATA 300, Category 1 standard from the Air Transport Association. This ATA Specification 300 standard describes the requirements for a container reusable for a minimum of 100 round-trips via air cargo transport, including materials, hardware, foam, handles, wheels, etc.

Wooden ATA Shipping Cases

Wooden ATA Shipping Cases, Custom Wooden ATA Cases Philly Case Company manufactures wooden ATA shipping cases / ATA trunks for transporting trade show materials, electronic equipment, musical equipment, computers and many other items. All are made from furniture grade plywood (14″, 38″ or 12″) with ABS laminated to the plywood. All have recessed steel hardware, aluminum tongue-in-groove, and heavy duty steel ball corners. Wheel options include edge caster wheels or heavy duty 2″, 3½″ or 4″ wheels. Other popular options include tilt-and-pull handles for easy moving and various foam and carpet linings. Many other options are available — visit the wooden ATA shipping cases page for more information. Or you can shop online for stock wooden ATA cases or use the custom ATA case request quote form to spec out your case and get a quote.

Molded ATA Cases, Plastic ATA Shipping Cases

Molded ATA Shipping Cases, Plastic ATA Shipping Cases Molded ATA shipping cases are used to safely transport equipment while in transit via air, truck, ship or other means where rough treatment is possible. Philly Case offers a complete line of molded, hard plastic ATA cases. These ATA style INDESTRUCTO® brand cases are sturdy, reliable, durable reusable shipping containers made from high impact HDPE with 0.200–0.300″ plastic thickness that withstand temperature extremes from -40 to +185 F. Many other features are offered and options available — visit the molded ATA shipping cases page or shop online for stock wooden ATA cases if ready to order.

Why Choose Philly Case for Your ATA Shipping Case?

When you buy an ATA shipping case from Philly Case, you buy from one of the top case companies in the world! Philly Case customers include many top Fortune 500 businesses, the US Military and thousands of small to medium sized businesses. Philly Case can provide the highest quality ATA shipping cases / ATA trunk at competitive prices with a high level of customer service.

With over 75 years of experience in the shipping case business, Philly Case's ATA shipping cases are proven to protect valuable items during shipment.

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