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Custom Foam Inserts for Cases, Foam Profiles

Custom Foam Insert in Shipping CasePhilly Case makes custom foam inserts for any case. With in-house / on-site production done with advanced CNC cutting equipment, Philly Case can create a simple foam inserts or complicated foam inserts for any item, in small or large quantities. Any case can have a custom foam insert specially made to accommodate any item - phones, computers, cameras, electronic equipment, weapons, tools or your own products. Especially if the product is expensive or fragile, a custom foam insert in a good case provides the best protection.

Custom, high-quality polyethylene case foam inserts provide the maximum protection for your products or goods during shipment. The custom fit for each item ensures its safety during transportation and shipping. Polyethylene foam provides great vibration dampening, and it is very durable and lightweight while protecting against mold and mildew.

Philly Case makes custom foam inserts for the wooden ATA cases on a daily basis. As an authorized distributor for all major case manufacturers, Philly Case can also create custom foam inserts for standard cases from:

Any of these cases can be ordered without foam, and Philly Case has the exact dimensions of all cases from any of these makers to make a custom foam insert.

How to Order Custom Foam Inserts from Philly Case

The first step is to contact Philly Case to get started on making your custom foam inserts for cases. For a foam insert to be made - completely customized to your exact item specifications for your custom or standard case - Philly Case needs to know the as much as possible about the item that is to be placed in the foam profile. To do that, you can:

  • Send the item to Philly Case
  • Provide a CAD drawing of the item (send a .dxf file)
  • Provide the measurements

If it's a standard product or item, send the make and model and Philly Case may be able to get the dimensions from the maker. And of course, the information about the case that the foam will be placed in is needed.

With this information, Philly Case’s engineering team will be able to create the CNC cutting program to make the custom foam insert. If there are multiple items to be placed in the foam insert for the case, they will be arranged for maximum protection.

Philly Case uses its in-house advanced CNC cutting technology to produce foam inserts for case on-site. Because of this, Philly Case can produce large quantities of foam inserts quickly, efficiently and cost effectively. Further, Philly Case is among the few companies that will make small quantities too. While the cost per piece is higher for smaller quantities due to programming and machine set-up costs, Philly Case will serve customers who need small quantities. Contact us for details.


Contact Philly Case for Custom Foam Inserts for Cases

Philly Case is a leading producer of custom foam inserts / custom foam profiles for cases of all types and from any maker. To purchase a custom foam insert, you can: