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Military Cases

Shipping Cases for Military Equipment, Weapons

Custom Shipping Case for a UAV from Philly Case

Philly Case offers a full line of rugged military cases for shipping and storage of military equipment. Case types for military use include:

Many of these military cases are customizable. Philly Case offers in-house custom foam making capabilities and can create a solution to meet exact specifications. Whatever the requirement, Philly Case can create highly customized cases for military use with options that can often include modular storage.

Military Applications

Philly Case has supplied many top quality cases for use by the US Army, Navy, Marines, Coast Guard and Air Force, as well as various police, fire and paramedic organizations. Philly Case has provided custom cases and shipping containers for all branches of the military that are used to protect critical electronic systems while on deployment. Philly Case has designed and manufactured:

Custom Shipping Case for a UAV from Philly Case

  • Customized rifle cases
  • Cases for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) and Unmanned Air Systems (UAS)
  • Satellite equipment cases
  • ROV cases
  • Dive system cases
  • Weapons systems cases
  • Electronics systems cases and rackmount cases for electronics
  • Medical cases
  • Military computer equipment cases
  • Optical equipment cases
  • Military transit cases
  • Many other types of military cases

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Roto Tuff Roto Molded Military Cases

Philly Case offers its Roto Tuff line of roto molded military cases for shipping, carrying and storing military equipment. Manufactured in the USA, most are ATA 300 rated and meet many military specifications and federal standards, including 810F MIL-SPEC. Roto Tuff Military cases are available in a variety of sizes and 11 different colors, with various options like custom foam inserts, casters, lid stays and card holder bracket. All cases are available in 11 standard colors: black, blue, dark grey, desert tan, light grey, natural, OD (olive drab) green, orange, red, white, and yellow.

Roto Molded Military Cases from Philly Case


Check the Philly Case Roto Molded Military Cases product catalog to see the Roto Tuff roto molded military equipment cases that are for sale. Then contact us to place an order for a roto molded military case.



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Gun, Rifle and Weapons Cases

Philly Case offers many standard cases for storing and transporting guns, rifles and other weapons. Philly Case is an authorized distributor of SKB cases, Seahorse cases, Pelican cases and Storm cases used to carry and store a wide variety of firearms.

Gun Case from Philly Case


Check the Philly Case Gun Cases web page for more information or view the Gun and Rifle Cases product catalog to see the products that are for sale online.



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Philly Case is a leading military case manufacturer and authorized distributor of many other cases for military use. To purchase a military shipping case, you can: