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Trade Show Cases

Trade Show Cases, Trade Show Shipping Cases and Trade Show Exhibit Cases

Roto-Molded Trade Show Cases

Trade show shipping cases are used to safely store and transport your tradeshow exhibit and equipment to the trade show location. Philly Case specializes in building sturdy, reliable trade show shipping cases. No matter what your shipping needs are, our trade show cases will safely transport all your exhibits and exhibition materials, no matter how many trade shows you attend per year. Philly Case has been packaging and transporting exhibits, trade show supplies, support computer systems and fragile sample merchandise for over 75 years. A custom trade show case can be built to your specifications, or a standard or stock case may fit your needs.

Why Choose Philly Case for Your Trade Show Case?

Pop Podium Trade Show Cases

Philly Case provides trade show cases for many top Fortune 500 companies along with many small and medium-sized businesses. And when you buy your trade show shipping cases from Philly Case, you are buying direct from the manufacturer! Our goal is to provide you with the highest quality trade show case for the lowest cost and at the same time, provide you with the highest level of service. Our trade show shipping cases are manufactured with a solid exterior cabinet, designed to control the effects of shock and vibration to ensure your items will arrive in good condition. Unlike most of our competitors, all of our trade show shipping cases come with a limited lifetime warranty.

What Kind of Trade Show Case Do I Need?

There are three types of trade show shipping cases made by Philly Case:


ATA Trade Show Case Line

Custom ATA Trade Show Case with Ramp

Philly Case offers the most comprehensive selection of high quality materials and options for your transit shipping case. The materials we use for an ATA transit shipping case include:

  • ¼" To ½" furniture-grade plywood
  • ABS laminated to plywood
  • Recessed steel hardware
  • Aluminum tongue-in-groove
  • Heavy duty steel ball corners

ATA Trade Show Stackable Case with Wheels

Options for an ATA trade show shipping case:

  • Custom Colors (standard color is black)
  • Edge Casters
  • Security and Safety Locks of all types
  • Stacking devices
  • Drawers
  • Keyboard shelves
  • Various foam and carpet linings
  • Ventilation
  • Tilt and Pull telescoping handles
  • Custom manufactured interior treatments

Lightweight Poly Tradeshow Case Line

Our lightweight poly tradeshow shipping case is a great alternative to an ATA Case when your transportation requirements are lower and a lower cost is important. Standard features include:

  • 0.100 or 0.125 high density polyethylene
  • Chrome-plated corners and rivets
  • Various options include:
  • High grade aluminum angles
  • Colors
  • Foam lining, die cut foam
  • 2", 3" or extra heavy duty 4" wheels.
Lightweight Poly Trade Show Case - Small Brief case can be used for small displays, or transport samples. Small Trunk Case - pack up everything you need for your next trade show in this poly trunk case. Portfolio Case - transport your artwork and flat graphics with the poly portfolio case.

Roto-Molded Telescoping Panel Cases for Trade Show Shipping

Roto-Molded Trade Show Case Line

Easily transport your trade show panel system, accessories, graphics or booth components in complete protection with our Roto-Molded cases. These cases are made with:

  • High density polyethylene
  • Heavy duty straps and buckles
  • Caster wheels for easy movement

Roto-molded trade show cases are in stock and available for immediate shipment!

The graphics case is a special type of roto-modeled tradeshow case for shipping graphics, such as banners, signs, displays and posters. The graphics for your trade shows are important to the appearance of your trade shoe booth, expensive to make and easily damaged in transit. A roto-molded graphics case offers complete protection for your valuable graphics.


Other Trade Show Cases

Jumbo trade show shipping cases, flat panel cases, pop-up podium exhibit cases, and accessory cases.


Roto-Molded Trade Show Graphics Cases

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