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Poly Workbox Case with 6 drawers


Philly Case manufactures custom workbox cases / workboxes to customer specifications for a variety of uses, including tool workboxes, equipment work box cases, music and video production workstations and technical/electronics drawer cases. These cases are known by a variety of names, including workboxes, workbox cases, drawer cases, technical cases, workstation cases and production workstations.

Philly Case manufactures two types of workboxes:

  • ATA Workboxes
  • Lightweight Poly Workboxes
Custom ATA Workbox Case with 10 Drawers


Workbox Case Production - Process, Materials, Features and Options

Each workbox can be completely customized to your exact specifications for your specific use. Production of workbox case begins with your specification of features and options, along with the exact measurements of all the equipment to protect during shipment. With this information, our product engineering team will create a design to manufacture your custom workbox case.


ATA Workboxes

Custom Wooden ATA Workbox with drawers

Philly Case is a leading manufacturer of wooden ATA shipping cases and brings that same expertise to making ATA workbox cases. Below is a sample listing of the comprehensive features and options available for your custom ATA workbox. When you contact us, be sure to ask one of our experienced workbox designers about the various options and features. If the option you want is not on the list below, it does not mean that we cannot make it!

ATA Workbox Case Materials

  • 14″, 38″ or 12″ furniture grade plywood
  • ABS laminated to plywood
  • Recessed steel hardware
  • Aluminum tongue-in-groove
  • Heavy duty steel ball corners

ATA Workbox Case Options

  • Drawers
  • Dividers
  • Shelves
  • Edge Caster Wheels
  • Heavy duty 2", 3½" or 4" wheels
  • Custom foam and carpet linings
  • Rackmount / shockmount features
  • Lids - lift-off lid or hinged lid
  • Tables - in lid, attached to case or free-standing
  • Compartments for a computer, printer, or safe
  • Stacking features for easy stacking with other cases
  • Secure safety locks and latches

When manufacturing your custom ATA workbox case, Philly Case uses only the highest quality materials. All ATA workboxes are built with a shock absorbing shell to protect against the rigors of shipping and rough handling. Tight closure reduces exposure to weather, dust, moisture and other mildew causing elements. The custom fit will secure your items with foam or carpet.

ATA workboxes manufactured by Philly Case are ATA (Air Transport Association) rated as ATA specification 300 Category 1, the highest standard for an airline transport container, assuring a minimum of 100 common carrier trips. These standards include: case construction, case hardware, case foam and durable testing.

An ATA case from Philly Case meets or exceeds the Air Transport Association Specification 300 (ATA 300) Category I shipping standards. These standards include: case construction, case hardware, case foam and durable testing.


Poly Workboxes

Standard Poly Workboxes with 3 Drawers and 6 Drawers

Philly Case is also leading manufacturer of poly cases and brings that same expertise to making lightweight poly workbox cases. Poly workboxes or drawer cases are lighter in weight than ATA workboxes, but are built to be durable with 0.085” polyethylene material. Standard configurations are 3-drawer and 6-drawer poly workboxes. Features and options include:

  • Chrome-plated corners and rivets
  • High grade aluminum angles
  • Standard color is black; many different colors available
  • Heavy straps and buckles
  • Die cut foam or carpet lining
  • Shipping labels
  • 2", 3" or extra heavy duty 4" wheels

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Philly Case is a leading manufacturer of ATA workboxes, poly workboxes, work box cases, drawer cases, workstation cases, technical cases and production workstations. To purchase a work box, you can: