Custom ATA Ramp Cases

Custom Shipping Cases with Ramps

A custom shipping case with a ramp is the perfect solution for heavy wheeled equipment. Philly Case has been building custom ramp shipping cases for over 30 years and understands the right way to make an ATA ramp case so that the customer can seamlessly load and unload wheeled carts and equipment on wheels without having to lift the entire unit into the case. Our custom ramp shipping cases meet ATA 300 specifications and are built out of plywood with an ABS laminate. Given this construction, we are able to design your custom ramp shipping case to any required dimension.

How We Design a Custom Shipping Case with a Ramp

Our design and engineering team will start by understanding the specifications of the unit that you are trying to ship along with any accessories that will be shipped with the unit. We will further discuss with you the conditions that the case will need to withstand and understand the loading and unloading protocol that you need to adhere to in the field. Our team will establish a design using CAD software and SolidWorks for you to review and approve.

After we receive your approval, our production team will translate the design into CNC computer-controlled language that allows us to build and assemble your case with precision. Our production staff is made up of craftsmen who have been building ATA cases for decades and can fabricate the most complex designs. Our 30,000 square foot production facility allows us the ability to handle large scale orders with lead times that are the best in the industry.