Custom Case Interiors & Exteriors

Custom Case Exterior Options

Philly Case has spent over 30 years sourcing and testing the best ATA hardware in the market. When it comes to customizing the look and function of our cases, we spend the time with our customers to provide them options that will achieve their goals and deliver a case that stands out. We incorporate hardware that enables operators to seamlessly execute in the field and that will hold up against the most rugged conditions.

  • Vents / Air Circulation
  • Casters
  • Colors
  • Diamond Plate
  • ForkLift Runners
  • Stacking Donuts & Caster Cups
  • Handles
  • Latches
  • Locks
  • Shell Material
  • Powder Coating
  • Roll-in Ramp
  • Table Legs
  • Workstations

Custom Case Interior Options

Most of our customers require a customized interior to achieve the absolute best protection for their products. A custom interior allows for multiple items to be packaged properly in one case regardless of the geometry of the objects going into the case. The Philly Case Design and Engineering team will work with you to establish a layout that uses space efficiently and ensures that all surface areas receive proper support for even the most fragile items. Philly Case has an in-house foam fabrication shop that enables us to keep costs to a minimum and provides our customers endless ways to protect their valuable equipment.

  • Dog House
  • Foam
    • Anti-static foam
    • Etha Foam
    • Ester Foam
    • Convoluted Foam
    • Carpeted Interior
  • Dividers and Compartments
  • Rack rail
  • Shockmount 
  • AC Inlet, Connectors, Hubbles, & Power Strips
  • Drawers