Custom Case Manufacturer

Philly Case Company specializes as a custom case manufacturer, with a proven track record of design and manufacturing services in building custom shipping cases to fit your unique equipment storage and transportation requirements. No matter the size or shape of your equipment Philly Case Company can work with you to build a custom case that meets your specifications and can be used for years. Both interior and exteriors of custom cases can be remanufactured if your needs change over time.  We provide custom foam fabrication, component integration, the ability to incorporate custom power solutions and custom labeling, and exteriors.

How We Make Our Custom Cases

Philly Case starts by first fully understanding our customer’s needs and the conditions that the case will need to withstand. Our Design and Engineering team will work closely with you to establish a design using CAD software and SolidWorks.

After we receive customer approval, our production team will translate the design into a CNC computer-controlled language that allows us to build and assemble your case with precision. Our production staff is made up of craftsmen who have been building ATA cases for decades and can fabricate the most complex designs. Our 30,000 square foot production facility allows us the ability to handle large scale orders with lead times that are the best in the industry.


Custom Manufacturing Capabilities

Our custom manufacturing capabilities include: 

  • Foam fabrication
  • Wooden case builds
  • Metal case builds
  • Welding and metal fabrication
  • Professional painting and finishing
  • Professional chemical coating and sealing

Custom Case Quality
Assurance and Testing

All our custom cases come with a lifetime warranty and meet your quality and testing standards. Our custom case solutions meet ATA Spec 300, Category 1, and MIL-STD-810G when necessary, and our manufacturing processes are compliant with ISO 9001.

Custom Case Manufacturing is our Specialty

We guarantee that our custom cases will be durable, resist the elements, and will have the structural integrity to protect your specific equipment during transport and storage.