Custom Plastic Medical Shipping Cases

Industries that demand unique and complex Plastic Medical shipping cases work with PhillyCase to design and engineer solutions that get their product where it needs to go securely.

Why Choose Philly Case for Your Plastic Medical Shipping Case?

Built to ATA-300 standards, our custom medical cases are stronger than anything on the market and designed to meet our customers’ specifications and the demanding shipping conditions that they encounter.

Our knowledgeable design and engineering team not only takes the time to ensure proper bracing during shipment, but also considers intuitive functionality for loading and unloading the case. Whether you need to ship million-dollar equipment to a new hospital or deliver a high-tech medical examination table to a disaster area, we’ve got you covered.

ATA cases in different sizes and shapes

Example Medical Shipping Cases

  • Medical Cart Cases
  • Surgical Tools
  • Blood Tests
  • Medical Workbox
  • Medical Monitors
  • Diagnostic Cases
  • Roll-in Ramp Cases
  • Emergency Response Case
custom medical shipping case with ramp

Brand Yourself

Please inquire about the valuable opportunity to customize the color of your road case or brand yourself with a logo screened on the exterior of the case.

100% Made in the USA

We use the best material and hardware available and you can be sure that our cases are built 100% in the USA.