Museum Case Manufacturer

Museum Case Manufacturer of ATA Cases for Museum Exhibit Touring

Philly Case has been a full-service case company for over 30 years offering custom ATA cases for some of the world’s largest museums and touring exhibits. Philly Case has a large scale ATA case production facility and foam fabrication facility all under one roof just outside of Philadelphia and we ship our cases all over the country. 

Custom Museum Exhibit ATA Cases for Equipment Storing and Touring

PhillyCase has established itself with museum curators, project managers, and exhibit companies as a leading manufacturer of custom wood built ATA cases for museums and traveling exhibits. Our customers come to us to solve challenging designs and to ensure their exhibit displays are fully protected while they are on the road. Philly Case has designed ATA cases for acrylic vitrines, custom glass display cases, artifacts, large-scale art, historic furniture, sculptures, and audiovisual equipment.  Our design and engineering team will work with you to design a unique case to meet your need and ensure the focus is on a successful exhibit from city to city. Whether your need is for a singular ATA case or high volume production, PhillyCase is equipped to service our customer’s full stop and every ATA case we build receives the full attention of our team of skilled craftsmen. 

Why Museum Cases are Necessary

The majority of a museum’s collections are not actually on exhibit at the museum.  Many exhibits are loaned to other museums on tours or stored until they are displayed publicly again.  In fact, up to ninety-five percent of a museum’s collection may be stored in museum cases at any one time!  Most exhibits need to be stored in climate-controlled museum cases, either on or off the museum site. Museums need innovative museum cases to meet their storage and touring needs and preserve art and artifacts in perfect condition.