Choosing the Best Custom Trade Show Case

Upgrade your trade show operation with a durable and dependable trade showcase engineered to protect your display booth equipment, displays, and technology. Nothing spells disaster like arriving at your trade show with your banner stands cracked from rough handling or a distorted image on your flat-screen TV from moisture that soaked into its container.

Experienced vendors know the benefits of using reliable trade show cases for shipping, traveling, and storing their trade show gear. When representing your business at its highest standard, a broken exhibit, backdrop, or digital media display can damage the brand. Protecting your exhibit hardware can sometimes be more important than the product or service you’re advertising. The purpose of a trade show is to draw in new clients, and if your booth appears damaged, your display may draw the wrong kind of attention from passersby and eliminate possible sales.

Custom trade show cases from Philly Case are backed with a lifetime guarantee and are not only reliable but also designed for the best possible protection of your trade show investments. Although there are countless stock shipping cases available to choose from, you may have unique requirements and not find exactly the right fit for your equipment. This is when the experts on the design team are for! They’ll work with you to create the best custom trade show case for every aspect specific to the items you need to safeguard.

Best Custom Trade Show Case

What are Trade Show Cases Used for?

Trade show cases come in different shapes and sizes to accommodate any hardware, equipment, or technology you have designed around your business’ branding to draw in attendees (and sales!). Some vendors with limited space choose road cases with built-in drawers and a fold-out table, while others prefer to transport the components of an entire exhibition.

Common items transported in durable, built-to-last custom trade show cases are:

  • Elaborate backdrops
  • Graphics and artwork portfolios
  • Digital media flatscreens
  • Lighting or sound equipment
  • Computers and tablets
  • Banner stands
  • Business products
  • Podiums or panel equipment

Don’t ship your expensive trade show gear with some packing peanuts and well wishes. Avoid your next shipping disaster with the protection of a custom-designed trade show shipping case from Philly Case!

Types of trade show cases

As an experienced trade show vendor, you know how much effort you need to put into your booth or exhibit to generate a profitable return on investment. For major or international trade shows, you’ll bring your entire setup and even invest in new equipment or media technology. For smaller 1 or 2 day conventions or trade fairs, a more efficient version of your booth will represent your business, product, and services just as effectively.

With this in mind, some of your trade show shipping cases will likely get more miles in them than others. A lightweight plastic trade show case may work for some items, while you’ll need a heavy-duty ATA shipping case for others. Here are some common uses for trade show shipping cases:

ATA Trade Show Case:

ATA shipping cases meet or exceed the AT A300 Category 1 standard with the highest durability rating, meaning they can withstand high impact and extreme weather conditions during transport. An ATA road case is built with furniture-grade plywood and encased with ABS laminate and heavy-duty caster wheels, handles, and steel ball corners. These types of trade show cases are great for lighting and sound equipment or large and heavy hardware as custom pockets, drawers, and Philly Case can add inserts with carpet and foam padding for exceptional shock absorption. An ATA molded plastic case is for smaller tech hardware and products. Made with molded HDPE (High-density polyethylene thermoplastic) 0.200 inches to 0.300 inches plastic rated for extreme toughness, the inside foam will protect the contents from sharp movements.

Lightweight Molded Trade Show Case:

These types of trade show cases are also perfect for any of your trade show supplies and equipment with their heavy-duty 2, 3, or 4-inch wheels, high-grade aluminum corners, and fully customized foam linings. Although their rating is just shy of an ATA-rated case, it provides an excellent level of shipping protection using 0.100 inches or 0.125 inches thick high impact HDPE for a fraction of the shipping weight.

Roto-Molded Shipping Case:

For your trade show shipping cases needed in a hurry, roto-molded hard plastic cases are a great option as they can be made from a rotational molding process and shipped on the same day. Philly Case has an extensive selection of stock options available such as banner stand cases, panel cases, podium cases, cylindrical graphics cases, single, double, and adjustable flat screen cases, and a variety of stackable supply and accessory cases.

Designing your Custom Trade Show case

Whatever your shipping case needs are, Philly Case can help you protect your trade show investments so you can concentrate on what matters most. If the standard case sizes and shapes aren’t exactly what you need, put your trust in the design team’s decades of experience to engineer your equipment’s most durable shipping protection. Backed with a lifetime guarantee, you can rely on a Philly Case to go the distance with you from one trade show to the next. Contact the Philly Case team and upgrade your trade show experience today!