Design Your Own Custom Shipping Cases with Philly Case

Three black workbox shipping cases sit against a white background with their drawers extended and doors open.In today’s world, shipping our belongings has become the way these items get from point A to point B. With so many shipments zipping around from city to city, your typical packaging vessel may not be secure enough to protect its contents, especially for repeat trips. If you pack up your crate and think to yourself, “It should be fine,” then it’s time to upgrade that case!

With a custom-designed Philly Case, you know that your equipment, firearms, instruments, or booth displays will be packed properly in a container built for your unique shipping needs and guaranteed to last. Unsure about what you need? The friendly team at Philly Case has the experience and technical creativity you can rely on to design and engineer your custom case to the shipping, storage, and transportation requirements you need.

Start Designing Your Custom Shipping Case

Types of Shipping Cases You Can Design with Us

  • ATA Shipping Case: wood or molded plastic
  • ATA Flight Case
  • ATA Ramp Case
  • Equipment Case: wood or molded plastic
  • Molded Case: roto-molded, Pelican, SKB, Nanuk, Seahorse, and Flambeau
  • Plastic Case: molded, lightweight polyethylene, high impact HDPE
  • Road Case
  • Wooden Crates and Trunks

All cases have a variety of interior and exterior options

The Many Uses for Our Custom Shipping Cases

  • Road Cases
  • Stock or Trade Show Cases
  • Kiosk Cases
  • Musical Instrument Cases
  • Audio Equipment Cases
  • Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) Cases
  • Tool or Utility Cases
  • Biotech, Laboratory or Medical Cases
  • Firearm/Weapons/Gun Cases
  • UAV/Drone Cases
  • Robotic Equipment Cases
  • GPS and Satellite Equipment Cases
  • Camera Cases
  • Camping, Boating, and Hunting Cases
  • TV, Monitor or Projector Cases
  • Computer, Laptop, or Tablet Cases
  • Gaming Hardware Cases
  • Waterproof or Weatherproof Cases
  • Custom Transit Cases
  • Custom Shipping Cases
  • Custom Airline/Flight Cases

Shipping Case Industries

  • Medical and Biotech
  • Military and Law Enforcement
  • Museum and Artifact Exhibits
  • Musical Instruments
  • Videography and Photography
  • Outdoor Adventurers
  • IT Departments
  • Live Entertainment Events/Shows
  • Stock/Custom Trade Shows
  • Conventions
  • Sports and Athletics

Get Started with Philly Case!

Now you know that you want a case designed to your specifications and crafted for your shipping needs. You’re ready to hit the drawing board with Philly Case.

Here’s what you can expect:

  1. Use the Webform to Start Your Project: This form walks you through all the basic information of what the design team needs for your initial consultation. Don’t worry if you’re not sure what type of case you need, just upload pictures of the items you need to ship!
  2. Work with a Custom Case Manufacturer Rep: Your sales representative will work with you on the details by phone, email, remote consultation, or on-site observation and measurements. You’ll discuss which type of case is best for your shipping requirements and what options are available for your case, like custom foam inserts, retractable handles, or larger wheels.
  3. You’ll Get Your Custom Case Quote: Your shipping needs, requirements, and goals are vetted and your project quote will be sent to you for acceptance.
  4. Custom Case Design and your Approval: The design team takes your project and creates a CAD drawing or 3D SolidWorks file giving you a visual of how your custom case will be built. After you sign-off, production can begin!
  5. Ready, Set, Go!: Production of your American-built custom case begins immediately after your design approval. You’ll get status updates throughout the process so you’re never left wondering when you’ll get your case.
  6. Get your Custom Shipping Case: If you don’t have a preferred delivery solution, the customer service team works with competitive logistics companies to ensure the lowest shipping rate and gets your Custom Case to you.

Want more details? Check out the Philly Case website or meet the team in this video!

Design Your Custom Shipping Case