The Value of Custom Medical Shipping Cases

Custom Medical Shipping Cases

When shipping expensive medical equipment and devices, you want the most dependable medical shipping cases available to protect their contents throughout their journey. In the medical and biotech industry, you want to cover more than just the investment but also the lives that depend on the supplies. Hospitals, laboratories, research facilities ship millions of dollars worth of equipment and accessories each day. At each destination are those that rely on the contents arriving undamaged and choose heavy-duty medical shipping cases. Similarly, emergency and disaster relief teams depend on their supplies and resources arriving intact but also have to coordinate expedited shipping amid chaos where transport through extreme conditions and rough handling may be the only option.

With so much on the line, preserve the integrity of your cargo from origin to destination. Entrust the safety of your investments with durable medical shipping cases from Philly Case.

Why Custom Medical Cases are Better

Custom medical shipping cases from Philly Case are ideal for fragile items that require extra shock absorbency or ATA-300 shipping. Not all medical supplies, products, and equipment are sized and shaped to fit perfectly in a standard shipping crate, and custom medical shipping cases are the answer to your transport concerns. The expert design team at Philly Case has decades of experience engineering medical shipping cases for any size or uniquely shaped product. When in the design phase, the project engineer will understand your needs and offer suggestions such as locks, polyethylene (PE) and polyurethane (PU) foam inserts, heavy-duty castor wheels or offer intuitive functionality suggestions. Instead of shipping multiple cases, design a medical workbox that can safely store all of the necessary components to be delivered. These types of medical shipping cases are packed, safely shipped, delivered, and immediately set up and used for destinations such as emergency response, temporary medical testing sites, or vaccine dispersion.

Types of Medical Shipping Cases

There are countless reasons why you need durable and reliable medical shipping cases to deliver your expensive and life-saving medical supplies in the same condition it was packed in. When requiring ATA-300 shipping standards, you’ll want a hard plastic medical shipping case reinforced with extra bracing and intuitive loading and unloading functionality. These cases are made from 0.200 – 0.300 inch thick high impact HDPE plastic (high-density polyethylene thermoplastic) and are certified for extreme weather conditions and temperatures (-40 to +185 F).

Ship 1 or 2 digital monitors safely with a strong, waterproof and adjustable polyethylene hard plastic flat screen case with the interior lined with protective foam inserts to prevent scratches. Be ready to go as soon as you arrive with a robust mobile medical cart case, roll-in ramp case, medical workbox, or a generic emergency response case knowing everything will come as it was packaged.

Features of Our Medical Shipping Cases

Custom medical shipping cases from Philly Case feature internal and external functionality designed for efficient loading and unloading capability and protecting the fragile contents being stored and transported. Depending on what you’re shipping, you have the option for extra shock absorbency with perfectly cut polyethylene (PE) or polyurethane (PU) foam inserts.

Further customize Philly Case medical shipping cases with a roll-in ramp, shelves, drawers, or a pull-out table and make it easy to transport with heavy-duty castor wheels, steel ball corners, keyed locks, and tilt and pull handles. Philly Case designed custom medical shipping cases ideal for any medical shipping needs!

Let our design specialists help you get the medical shipping cases for your specific needs to concentrate on what matters most. Start with their online web form or call 1.800.505.8179 today!