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Custom Shipping Cases

Custom Shipping Cases from Philly Case, one of the leading custom shipping case manufacturers.

Custom Shipping Case, Custom Made Shipping Cases

Custom shipping cases have been Philly Case's specialty for over 75 years, making Philly Case one of the world's leading custom shipping case manufacturers. All of our custom made shipping cases can be built to your specifications. Our goal is to provide you with the highest quality custom shipping case at a competitive price while providing the highest level of customer service.

Why Choose Philly Case for Your Custom Shipping Case?

When you buy a custom made shipping case from Philly Case, you buy direct from the manufacturer! Unlike most of our competitors, all of our custom shipping cases come with a limited lifetime warranty. And with over 75 years of experience as a custom shipping case manufacturer, custom shipping case from Philly Case are proven to protect valuable equipment and items during shipment. Philly Case customers include many top Fortune 500 business, the US Military and thousands of small to medium sized business.

Custom Shipping Case Types

There are two types of custom shipping cases made by Philly Case: ATA Cases and Lightweight Poly Cases.

Custom ATA Computer Case with many options

Custom ATA Cases

Philly Case offers the most comprehensive selection of high quality materials and options for your custom shipping case. The materials we use for an ATA custom shipping case include:

  • ¼" To ½" furniture grade plywood
  • ABS laminated to plywood
  • Recessed steel hardware
  • Aluminum tongue-in-groove
  • Heavy duty steel ball corners

Here are some of the options we offer on an ATA custom shipping case:

Custom ATA Shipping Case - Philadelphia National Football Team Wardrobe Case

  • Custom colors (standard color is black)
  • Aluminum or steel hardware
  • Edge casters
  • Security and safety locks of all types
  • Stacking devices
  • Drawers and dividers
  • Shelves
  • Various foam and carpet linings
  • Ventilation
  • Power supply
  • Tilt-and-pull telescoping handles
  • Custom form fit interiors
  • Straps and buckles

Custom ATA Case Types and Uses

Custom computer shipping cases, rack mount custom cases, vertical custom cases, ramped custom cases, musical equipment shipping cases, medical equipment shipping cases, sports equipment shipping cases, plasma screen shipping cases.

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Philly Case is a leader custom ATA shipping case manufacturer. To purchase a custom shipping case, you can:

Custom Lightweight Poly Cases

Our lightweight poly shipping case is a great alternative to an ATA Case when transportation requirements are lower and cost is important. Our custom poly case features and options include:

  • Custom colors (standard color is black)
  • 0.100 or 0.125 high density polyethylene
  • Chrome-plated corners and rivets
  • Various options include:
  • High grade aluminum angles
  • Foam lining, die cut foam
  • 2", 3" or extra heavy duty 4" wheels.

Custom Lightweight Poly Case Types and Uses

Portfolio cases, small brief cases, trunks

Custom Case - Lightweight Poly Brief Case Custom Cases - Lightweight Poly Small Portfolio Case Custom Case - Lightweight Poly Small Trunk Case

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Philly Case is a leader custom polyethylen shipping case manufacturer. To purchase a custom poly case, you can:

Building a Custom Made Shipping Case - Philly Case's Process

Philly Case's technical designers guide you through the comprehensive list of materials and options to build the appropriate case to protect and move your items. Once your order is placed, your custom case project goes to our on-site manufacturing facility to build your custom made shipping case. Our team of craftsmen builds your custom shipping case with high-quality materials and the options and hardware as designed. Options may include dividers, drawers and shelves along with cushioning foam or carpet lining to limit shock and vibration. Hardware may include handles, ball corners and heavy duty wheels. With over 75 years of experience building custom shipping cases, you can trust your Philly Case custom shipping case to protect any goods during shipment.

Philly Case understands that shipping needs vary, so custom ATA cases are manufactured to exact specifications. And we like a challenge! Philly Case custom shipping cases have been used for some very unique products. We have helped develop prototype shipping cases. We developed all of the custom shipping cases for the Baseball Hall of Fame displays, including Babe Ruth's shirt.

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Philly Case is a leading custom shipping case manufacturer. To get a quote for a custom ATA shipping case or custom polyethylene case, you can: