Do You Need A Custom Guitar Case?


As your guitar travels with you from one gig to the next, you’ve probably damaged your guitar at one point or another. Considering all the unknown factors that come into play while in transit, planning and preparing for the worst is wise. Protect your investments and sacred musical belongings with a strong, reliable custom guitar case. At Philly Case, industry experts design each custom guitar case. They make them with a durable, sleek exterior and a hand-crafted, protective interior made just for you and your guitar’s individual needs.

What are Guitar Cases Made Of?

Each custom guitar case manufactured by Philly Case uses the highest quality materials and artistry. How you intend to travel with your guitar will dictate what material your custom guitar case is made from. For the most robust and durable case meant for extreme travel treatments, we recommend that you invest in an ATA-Certified Case. These cases can stand up to turbulent travel treatments and extreme weather conditions.

If you need the more traditional “Road Case,” the case will be made of furniture-grade plywood and ABS laminated. Aluminum tongue in groove edges and heavy-duty steel ball corners ensure a structurally strong custom guitar case. The interior will likely be a precisely cut foam insert designed specifically for your guitar.

Other suitable ATA-certified options are available with a hard plastic Philly Case made from high-density polyethylene, which is excellent for protecting its contents, regardless of any items stacked on top. Alternatively, lightweight plastic cases are cost-effective for low-impact traveling or when reckless treatment is less likely. These are all excellent options for a professional-looking road case.

What Makes A Guitar Cases Secure?

Each American-built custom guitar case has over thirty years of shipping protection experience behind it. Exterior safeguards like heavy-duty latches and padlock hasps keep each case securely fastened while in transit and protected from accidental openings. Intuitive accessories like recessed aluminum handles, heavy-duty wheels, and forklift runners provide convenient and obvious loading and unloading protection making your custom guitar case less likely to be dropped or lifted inappropriately.

Sizing Your Guitar for Casing

When designing your custom guitar case, you don’t need a case the size of a surfboard. Ideally, your case will only be about 2 inches larger than your guitar in height, length, and width. It is crucial to work directly with a Philly Case design expert to create your custom guitar case so your case isn’t too small or your foam inserts don’t allow too much movement. If you intend to pack any guitar accessories in the same case, their compartments will need to be secured for each voyage to avoid these items moving and damaging your guitar while in route.

The interior should be precisely designed and cut to fit your guitar, allowing little to no movement inside the case. We systematically cut custom foam inserts with CNC cutting equipment. We recommend this method to ensure ultra-secure compartments and shock absorption.

Why Choose Philly Case?

Philly Case has used their 30+ years of custom case design experience to supply professional musicians, marching bands, rock bands, and symphonies with custom guitar cases. Philly Case dedicates its expertise and American-built, high-quality manufacturing to the safe transport of your guitar.

We offer a Lifetime Warranty for every custom case, guaranteeing that you won’t have to buy a brand-new case if any of your case’s components or workmanship are defective. If you have any questions about our Lifetime Warranty, contact us today or start your custom guitar case project with our online form right now!