More Trade Show Shipping Tips

Attending a trade show requires upfront planning and coordination to capitalize on the opportunity while you are there. In our first article, we covered trade show booth shipping tactics that included planning heavily in advance, acquiring the proper shipping cases, only shipping what you have to, and keeping track of all shipping details. In this article, we’ll walk you through more important trade show shipping tips you’ll need to make every trade show a success for your business. Becoming familiar with things like shipping companies, insurance, deadlines and regulations can make your planning and organization easier.

Read the Exhibitor’s Manual Thoroughly

Knowing the trade show rules and regulations is vital for organizing you and your booth’s arrival and departure from the show. The majority of trade shows will develop and distribute an Exhibitor’s Manual describing vendor requirements before, during and after the show. It’s imperative that you know this information thoroughly as hefty fines or repercussions could delay or deter you from attending the event.

The trade show exhibitor’s manual will detail insurance requirements and important deadlines for exhibit delivery and storage. The manual will also describe any equipment services the facility can provide and who to contact about any booth shipping questions. There will also likely be some liability language for lost or damaged equipment so protect all of your trade show equipment and invest in strong, reliable shipping cases from Philly Case!
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Take the Time to Figure Out Insurance

Insurance is not the most exciting topic to discuss when shipping your booth equipment to a trade show, but it is one of the most important items on your to-do list. Trade show shipping insurance is meant to help you recover losses or damages to your investments should anything go wrong. Some insurance policies will provide insurance for the duration of the show, but it’s best to check with your current corporate policies and an extended liability insurance representative. Most shipping companies will have carrier insurance, but you can never go wrong verifying what the coverage entails or adding extra coverage as needed. The insurance costs incurred for each shipment may be less if your equipment is shipped in an ATA shipping case. ATA shipping cases are designed for extreme shipping conditions and are a reliable way to protect shipping contents.
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Research & Compare Experienced Trade Show Shipping Companies

Looking to collaborate and promote your services and products, you probably attend multiple trade shows every year. You need a dependable shipping company to get all of your products and booth displays from one place to another undamaged. Look for a shipping company that specializes and caters to trade show shipments. Trade show shipping companies will have employees trained to use trucks and equipment designed to protect fragile items such as lighting and sound apparatus as well as how to maneuver large road cases. Verify from their website and recent user reviews that they can dependably transport all of your trade show shipping cases while sending you frequent updates and communicating as needed.

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Plan for Things to Go Wrong

With all of your organization and preparation, it’s still important to plan for the unexpected. Even though you’ve purchased insurance, do some research on some local repair services, shopping centers, print services, or same-day delivery options. Can you easily repair or replace a broken booth panel or banner display in time for the show? While you might not be shipping your flatscreen displays across the country, it’s still wise to protect these screens from damage with a shipping case designed for their size and shape. Consider adding foam inserts cut to the shape of irregular products, wheels for large road cases or locks to your shipping cases for added protection while in transit.

Keep Your Equipment Safe No Matter What with Philly Case Shipping Cases

At Philly Case, we are experts at creating custom shipping cases. Our staff have decades of experience working with trade show exhibitors providing trade show shipping tips and tricks. Each of our products is specifically designed and engineered for you and your needs and backed by a lifetime warranty. Build your shipping cases with an expert starting by contacting Philly Case! Call 1.800.505.8179 or email today!