Trade Show Booth Shipping Tactics

Against a white backdrop, we see two, stacked, roto-molded trade show shipping cases. The top case is blue and grey, while the bottom case is all black.

Trade show veterans know that the strategies for increasing their return on investment starts with safely and efficiently shipping their exhibit and booth equipment in dependable trade show booth shipping cases. You may have the best pitch at the show, but if some of your booth components are missing or broken, your brand’s professional image takes a hit.

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The presentation you give to trade show attendees is vital as it may be their only impression of your business. As you share your excitement of the event live over social media, your backdrop should demonstrate that you are knowledgeable of the latest trends and advancements in your field. The protection of your expensive technology should never be left to chance when in transit, which is why a strong and reliable Philly Case trade show shipping case is the case of choice for many trade show vendors.

To make your trade show exhibition a success, organization is essential. From the moment you start gathering things together, pack components together that need to be unloaded together and make sure everything has its place. ATA cases with padding such as foam inserts are an excellent shock absorbent, however, you don’t need to commit to a single size or style of case for all of your trade show equipment.

With so many types and designs to choose from, Philly Case shipping cases are ideal for trade show booth shipping needs that protect your business’s image from one trade show to the next.

1. Plan Heavily in Advance

Nothing racks up shipping costs like waiting until the last minute to get your trade show booth shipping in order. Know who will be transporting it and receiving the shipment, what you want to ship, where you’re shipping it to, when the delivery window is, and how you want to ship your equipment.

Regardless of which transport company you choose to use, trade show booth shipping should be planned heavily in advance for your equipment and display technologies to ship safely and securely.

Make a list, check it, and recheck it to make sure you’ve prepped, packed and labeled everything you need to make the trade show successful and profitable. If you’re shipping it to your hotel, straight to the show, or to its temporary storage facility, have a plan well in advance of what is going to be shipped, to where, and when. Items that arrive too early or too late can turn into costly expenses.

How you’re shipping your equipment, banners, and displays isn’t as straightforward if you aren’t personally driving it there. Finding and preparing appropriately shaped cases for all of your booth components needs to happen well in advance. Choose protective cases that are easy to move and maneuver with locks, retractable handles, metal bumpers, and heavy-duty caster wheels.

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2. Acquire the Proper Shipping Cases

Not all of your trade show equipment that you’ve purchased or fabricated will be designed to perfectly fit a standard carrying case or transport container. Now, you need a dependable shipping case engineered for your specific needs.

  • Roto-Molded Shipping Cases: Great for flat screens, posters, banners, signs, and other graphics displays, these plastic cases are designed from a rotational molding process. Made with polyurethane plastic, they provide complete protection of their contents and can be made and shipped in the same day.
  • ATA Trade Show Cases: Also referred to as an ATA road showcase, these are guaranteed to withstand shipping brutalities while protecting and securing their contents with carpet, felt, or die-cut foam inserts. Their interiors are extremely customizable with options for shelves and drawers ideal for storing all products and accessories you need to display and share. They’re made with ¼ to ½ inch furniture-grade plywood with black laminated sides and framed with aluminum tongue-in-groove edges, recessed steel handles, and heavy-duty steel ball corners.
  • Lightweight Poly Trade Show Cases: When the requirements and expectations of ATA protection is not necessary, this type of case is a great, cost-effective alternative for trade show booth shipping. These cases are made with 0.100 inches or 0.125 inches thick high impact HDPE (High-Density Polyethylene Thermoplastic) and are perfect for lowering shipping weight.
  • Banner Stand Cases: Banner cases are perfect for shipping 2 banners and retractable stands in the same case or protecting valuable graphics as you travel.

3. Only Ship What You Have To

It may seem convenient to throw in your marketing materials, raffle gifts, branded SWAG, and snacks in your trade show booth shipping case with your other gear, but keep in mind that every bit of extra weight is a cost to you.
Don’t be afraid to print brochures and fliers at the local paper store or have your raffle prizes delivered straight to your destination. Planning ahead will save you time and money and could be a stress-free solution to a last-minute printing change and avoiding any potential damages caused in transit.

4. Keep Track of All Shipping Details

Part of your preparation should include labeling all of your trade show booth shipping cases appropriately. Knowing which components are in which case will help you unpack and set up more efficiently and minimize damage caused by urgency or confusion.

Clear and obvious shipping labels are also extremely important for freight companies to ensure your equipment gets to you as promised in the delivery window. This is also a way to communicate directly to those loading and unloading your cases which need to remain upright, if its contents are fragile, and which containers should be grouped together upon delivery.

Protect Your Trade Show Equipment with Philly Case Shipping Cases

Whether you’re starting out in the trade show world or you’re a seasoned expert, protect your business, brand, and trade show investments with American-made trade show shipping cases guaranteed for life.

Still not sure which trade show booth shipping cases to choose? Philly Case’s team of experts has decades of experience specializing in shipping uniquely shaped items and are excited and ready to help you today!

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