What is a Custom Foam Insert?

A custom foam insert is used to provide the ultimate damage protection for fragile or expensive contents being transported or stored. Custom foam inserts can be designed for any case including ATA cases, road cases, equipment cases, and more.

Damage to a container’s contents can happen without damage to the actual case. Rough treatment, mishandling or sharp movements to a shipping case can cause items like electronics or machinery to be damaged by vibrating or colliding against the interior walls or other contents. A custom foam insert can provide the right amount of spacing, stability, and protection for your items and cases.
Custom Foam Insert

How Does a Custom Foam Insert Work?

A single piece or multiple layers of high-quality polyethylene or polyurethane foam will have an area(s) cut out of it that will best encompass the shape of each item being stored in the container. A snug fit will eliminate any movement or vibration to its contents while also providing the best shock absorbency if the case is dropped or collides with something. A robust and durable custom case with a custom foam insert will provide the most protection when shipping or transporting your electronics, guns, machinery, instruments, and any other delicate items.

Techniques Used to Cut Custom Foam Inserts

First, a design expert will fully understand your needs, the case being used and the items being shipped. Next, they precisely calculate the dimensions needed to appropriately protect all of the items you intend to transport in the case. Finally, they use 3D design software in conjunction with their in-house computerized numerical control (CNC) cutting equipment to systematically cut the pockets and compartments without error. Philly Case can easily design and cut custom foam inserts for individual orders, small-batch, or for bulk production for the most cost savings.

Polyethylene vs. Polyurethane for Custom Foam Inserts

Both polyethylene (PE) and polyurethane (PU) foam can be used when designing custom foam inserts for shipping cases. They are both similar in cost, light weight, vibration and shock absorbing. Polyethylene foam doesn’t absorb liquids and is like a much more pliable and flexible Styrofoam. Polyurethane foam is spongy and a fantastic choice for delicate surfaces like TV screens easily scratched. It has the consistency of a mattress topper or pillows.

custom foam inserts

What kind of Foam is used for Gun Cases?

A shipping case used for transporting different-sized handguns or long guns will typically use Pick n Pluck foam. However, gun cases that require maximum protection should use a custom foam insert designed and cut for that specific gun size and shape. Using polyethylene foam is great for shock absorption and ideal for preventing damage to the expensive telescopic, reflector, holographic, laser or other optic equipment should the case be mishandled.

How much do Custom Foam Inserts Cost?

With the cost of shipping and transporting expensive contents, a shipping case with a custom foam insert is the most cost-effective way to safeguard your belongings from damage and prevent replacement costs. With the design, engineering and foam fabrication all on-site, Philly Case can keep costs to a minimum. Using their in-house CNC cutting equipment to quickly and precisely cut high-quality polyethylene or polyurethane foam, you can be confident your custom foam insert will be designed for your specific needs. For maximum transport and storage protection of your expensive electronics, guns, machinery, instruments, and any other fragile items, design both your shipping case and custom foam insert with Philly Case. Contact us to get started today!